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Wax Dockside Food Service

We offer an array of new food items to the Wax Marina from breakfast items, Burgers, french fries and more. We  also tasty treats including Shaved Ice, soft-serve ice cream, novelties and more..  Save time and order your food online to use our dockside pickup.  


Nachos                                                           $2.50

Chips, Nacho Cheese, Optional


Loaded Pork Nachos                             $6.00

Weekend Only

Chips, Nacho Cheese, Pulled Pork, 

Salsa, Sour Cream, Jalepenos


Chicken Tender Basket                          $7.00

Fried chicken tenders served with your 

choice of BBQ, Honey Mustard, or buffalo.

Served with your choice of fries, chips, rings

French Fries Basket                                $4.00

Golden  fried in peanut oil, and sea salt.

Onion Rings Basket                                  $4.00

Crispy onion rings served with dipping


Hog Slop Basket                                        $6.00

Tater tots covered in pulled pork, nacho cheese, coleslaw, and topped with BBQ Sauce.  Jalepenos optional

All Served with your choice of chips.  May add fries or rings for $2.00
Can be served wrapped in lettuce "green style" with no bun.

1/3 lb. Angus Burger                                  $7.00

1/3 lb. Angus patty grilled to perfection with 

cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles.

Pulled Pork                                                     $7.00

Weekend Only

Slow smoked pork shoulder basted in BBQ,

with cole slaw.

Italian Sausage                                              $4.50

Sausage with grilled onions and mustard.

Hot Dog/Chili Dog                                       $3.00

All beef hotdog, your choice of condiments

Make it a chili dog for .50 more

Corn Dog                                                           $3.50

All beef hotdog covered in cornmeal, your choice of condiments

Grilled Cheese                                              $3.00

PB&J                                                                 $3.00

Served 7:30-10am Sat and Sunday

Egg Biscuit/Sandwich                           $4.50

Egg with bacon or sausage and cheese.

Breakfast Burrito                                       $5.50

Eggs, Bacon or Sausage, Cheese, and Hashbrowns

in a warm tortilla.

Platter                                                                  $6.50

Scrambled Eggs, Bacon or Sausage, Hashbrowns,

and Biscuit.

Biscuits and Gravy                                   $3.00 (2)

Hashbrowns (2)                                            $1.50

Bacon (3) or Sausage Patties (2)             $3.50


Soda Fountain                                            $2.00

Pepsi Products.  Free refills dine-in only.

Tea                                                                     $2.00

Fresh brewed sweet or unsweetened.

Coffee                                                                  $1.50

Fresh brewed and hot.

Tasty Treats

Shaved Ice                                                    $4.00

Cube shaved ice giving a snow like texture in a variety of flavors to cool you off on a hot summer day.  Flavors include: Bahama Mama, Banana, Blue Cotton Candy, Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Grape, Hawaiian, Lemon Lime, Pink Bubblegum, Rainbow (Blue Rasp., Cherry, Grape, Lemon Lime), Strawberry, Tangerine, Tiger's Blood,

Tutti Fruity, Watermelon.

Soft-Serve Ice Cream                              $3.00

Smooth Soft-Serve ice-cream in three flavors, vanilla, chocolate, and swirl served  in a cup.

Additional toppings for $0.50 including crushed Oreos, sprinkles, M&Ms, nuts, and hot fudge.

Assorted Novelties                                       $2.50

Including popsicles, ice-cream sandwiches, sponge bob bars, push pops, snickers ice-cream, Twix ice-cream, etc.


Order Online for Dockside Pickup

Order Here for dockside pickup.  Call (270) 242-7205 when you arrive and park next to the store on the boat ramp side.  We'll bring it out to you.

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