Do you sell fishing license?  No we do not. They are available at Walmart and 
                                                    on-line at the Ky Department Fish and Wildlife.
 Kentucky Department Fish and Wildlife

Are your rental boats nice? We think so but, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
                                                   We post pictures so you can decide for yourself.
             Pictures of Rental Boats

Can you Tube behind rental boats? No Tubing, Skiing or Grills allowed. If you
                                                                 do, you will lose your $200 deposit.

How fast do your pontoon boats go? Not fast enough to Tube or Ski behind

Do you have a rental cancellation policy? Yes, 48 hours prior to rental
                                                                               Boat Rental Terms 

How far is the Dam from Wax?  17 miles - average rental boat ride to dam is 45
                                                            minutes and 45 minutes back to marina 

What is the Lake level and water temperature?     Summer Pool is 515 ft
Nolin Lake Water Level

How old do you have to be NOT to wear a life jacket?       12 and older
 Kentucky Department Fish and Wildlife

Do you sell dog life jackets? Yes,   Marina Store

Do you sell soft serve Ice Cream and Pizza? No, we do not. 

Do you sell beer? Grayson County is dry so we do not sell beer.

Do your sell live bait? Yes, Minnows, Night Crawlers, Red Worms, Meal Worms

Do you sell batteries? Yes, Wave Runner, Trolling and starting batteries

Do you accept Credit Cards? Yes, Visa and Master card only.

Where do I pay to launch my boat? The small buiding located in the parking lot

Does your gas contain ethanol? Yes, all gas sold on Kentucky lakes have ethanol
Marina Services

Do you rent over night slips? Yes, for boats less than 8 foot wide. All bigger slips 
                                                       have been rented for the summer.

Is breakfast available during the week? No, Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays only.

What is the motel phone number? 270-971-4309     Local Information

What day/time is the motel restaurant open? We don’t know call 270-971-4309

What is the phone number for the Camp Ground?   Local Information

Where are you located?    Direction to Wax Marina

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